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posted 9 Feb 2013, 13:54 by Leo Natasja   [ updated 9 Feb 2013, 14:28 ]
The Göteborgsgirot is quickly approaching! If you'd like to test ride the course,
you'll have the chance on Saturday February 23rd and Saturday the 9th of March.

As always, the start is 10.00am from the cycling world's best known curtain shop: Franssons,
at the corner of 
Virginsgatan and Delsjövägen. The tempo will be adjusted to suit
the participants and the goal is to get around the course with as few stops as possible.

Come and join us to test ride Sweden's most fun MTB course!

Photo from the MTB course at 
Västra långvattnet.
The climb up toward
Goat Back climb.