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Vi har stängt företaget. Tack för besöket!

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Welcome to Hillside Cycling

We know what it takes to give you the ultimate mountain biking experience in the Gothenburg area of Sweden. The local trails are renowned for their intricacy. The singletracks are tricky, consisting of challenging climbs and descents allowing for fast riding.

Prepare for the ride of your life. Welcome to Gothenburg! (Check out the riding: Videos)

For Prices & Booking check this: http://www.hillsidecycling.com/prices-booking 

Leo & Natasja

Mobile Mechanic:

Vi servar/reparerar din cykel hemma hos dig i Göteborgsområdet! Klicka för mer info.

MTB Bike-Setup: http://www.hillsidecycling.com/MTB-Clinics/bike-setup

MTB-föreläsningar: http://www.hillsidecycling.com/MTB-Clinics/forelasning

MTB-cykelkurser: http://www.hillsidecycling.com/MTB-Clinics/bike-skills

MTB-mekkurser:  http://www.hillsidecycling.com/MTB-Clinics/mechanics-workshop

Vill du ge bort en kurs i present eller i julklapp? Kontakta oss så fixar vi ett presentkort!

Why Gothenburg?

Our world class trails are among the best in the country and are in top condition. Being easily accessible from the center of town you can spend more time riding and less time in transit.

Taste the Real Thing

The snacks and desserts we serve are homemade with love. Choose from cakes, energy bars and smoothies.

We use the finest ingredients and many of them are organic.

Discover Gothenburg

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden. The west coast is the best coast. For more info about the city see: goteborg.com

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