The Biking

Gothenburg offers a perfect mix of XC and AM cycling near the city. The enormous trail network of several hundred kilometres is the result of arduous cycling discovery and joyful exploration.

During his nineteen years as an MTB-cyclist Leo has been instrumental in the discovery and development of the local trails. He has been guiding cyclists for eight years and his vibrant enthusiasm renders cycling pleasurable in all seasons. Many of the demanding trails require technical skill and will challenge you throughout your unforgettable week of fantastic cycling.

To get the most out of the cycling you should be fit and fairly experienced. During the week we will cycle together and adjust the speed accordingly.

Each morning we hand out homemade energy bars before the cycling. A lunch packet is provided for the days we ride 6-7 hours. All rides are concluded with afternoon tea and smoothies. Some of the world's greatest trails await you.Welcome to Gothenburg!You can also read about the mountain biking in Gothenburg on Check out what Greg Heil, the Editor in Chief, did explore during his week here in Gothenburg: