About Us

Congratulations! You have just found unbeatable cycling off the beaten track. Most people have heard of Sweden and many can name things that are typical Swedish, but few know that we can offer world class cycling. The extensive and varied demanding terrain around Gothenburg is unique and Leo never experienced anything that resembles this during his 15 years as a cyclist.

If you are looking for new challenges then look no further, the challenging trails here are the pot of gold at the end of the cycling rainbow.

Many people see their vacation as one of the highpoints of the year. You look forward in anticipation and spend time planning it. And you create an image of how you want your adventure to be. We will do our utmost to ensure your expectations are realised so you can go home having experienced the vision.

We are two dedicated cycling nerds who are completely devoted to what cycling can do for us. That in combination with our passion for travelling and food have brought us to this point.

Your are very welcome to the Best Coast and Sweden.

Leo & NatasjaContact information:Hillside Cyclingc/o Leo RantaSvangatan 12G416 68 GothenburgSWEDENMail: Hillside.cycling@gmail.comCell Phone: +46-709-72 94 31(Puhumme myös suomea)